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Recently, Keno Kozie experts have been certified to provide Microsoft’s Customer Immersion Experience to their clients. The Cloud Immersion Experience (CIE) allows customers to explore and discover in an interactive, virtual “sandbox” environment populated with data, files, personas and Microsoft solutions.  Facilitators foster discussion that benefits the organization and its goals, which changes the conversation from a product-specific discussion to a platform discussion.


We wanted to provide some insight into exactly what this means! Read our interview below with one of our CIE Facilitators, Charles Rodriguez, to find out exactly what you can expect from this newest Certification.


  1. Tell us about the Microsoft CIE Program in your own words.
  1. The Cloud Immersion Experience is a completely new way of training! Participants are empowered to explore ANY & ALL of the programs Microsoft provides. Collaboratively, we work through simulations to learn how to use Office 365 in everyday business scenarios.


  1. Why did you want to get certified as a facilitator?
  1. The company encourages us to stay up‑to‑date with the latest/greatest software applications and training methods. CIE was a great way to learn the Microsoft solutions so we could answer the many questions we get asked.


  1. What does this program do for your clients?
  1. The key is in the interactive exploration of all Microsoft has to offer. The one agenda item, other than have fun, is to first ask the questions and then, together, explore and learn how to answer those questions.


  1. Who at the law firm is this program geared toward?
  2. It’s actually geared toward every “type” of person, from the experienced technophile to the timid flip-phone user. It’s usually better to also have people from various departments, positions and levels of experience.  This generates questions/solutions that others may not think of contributing.


  1. Give us an overview of what is presented in this CIE.   What can attendees expect?
  1. All attendees should expect to learn something new about the Office 365 suite of applications.   The more questions they have – the more they’ll learn.


  1. After completing this program, what should users have as a takeaway?
  2. Users should take away that “there’s an app for that” – whatever the process is – Office 365 offers an application to address it.


  1. What has your feedback been on this program?
  2. No two classes are the same. Even when there’s the same question from one class to the other, since the answer is collectively discovered and answered, it’s different every time.


  1. Is there anything additional you’d like to share about the CIE?
  2. The more variation there is in the audience, the richer the experience. Although there is a variety in positions and talent within every department, it’s noticeably better when there are people from different departments and/or different industries and companies.


For more information on the Microsoft CIE experience:

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