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Andrew Dober

Chief Operations Officer

Andrew serves as the chief operations officer for K2 Services. He is responsible for the organization’s operational strategy, service offering delivery, performance, and people. He serves on the executive team and drives strategy thru operational, financial, and service excellence across all organizational functions.

A proven business leader, Andrew brings over 15 years of financial and operational management experience with recognized success in driving organizational alignment, establishing centers of excellence, and delivering business results. He has served in senior roles for SaaS, professional service, and IT managed service organizations.

Andrew brings a wealth of experience to the forefront with a specialized focus with high growth organizations for corporate and legal sectors. His commitment to excellence is underpinned by a comprehensive effort to establish a winning culture, driving innovation, and reaching superior service quality for clients.

Andrew earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and management from DePauw University.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys spending time outdoors and visiting as many national parks as possible.

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