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Security and risk awareness training is a requirement for lawyers and their teams to ensure the safety of the firm’s data as well as their clients’. While this may seem daunting for many, the experts in the training department at Keno Kozie understand and work with law firms and corporate legal departments to ensure that all team members learn to identify, question and react to potential threats to the organization.

Today’s Technology

As important as security and risk mitigation is, efficiency and competency with firm technology are similarly critical. Today’s lawyers and support staff utilize an ever-expanding array of tools—not just the word processing and email of years past—and need to be fully trained on the latest in relevant technology. To function effectively on their personal workload as well as for the work they support within their organizations, legal professionals need to keep up with technology as much as they need to maintain legal skills and case law familiarity. Without effective training, devices intended to create efficiency can actually slow down the process. Having proper instruction in place ensures that the investment in these tools creates the intended outcomes.

Technology in Law

For many years, litigation departments and accounting were the primary legal consumers of technology. Today technology is supporting almost all aspects of your practice. In fact, many firms are widely paperless. Phones are almost ubiquitously Voice over IP—effectively no different than email from a technical perspective. Law firms and legal departments need to understand which technologies are required for their practice, but users also need to know what technology they must have in place to ensure their data is secure.

Training with Experts

At Keno Kozie, we deal regularly with the need for security awareness training, an important step to ensuring everyone within an organization is on the same page in securing the organization’s data. We also train our clients’ users on their installed technology to ensure that they are efficiently utilizing systems supporting PDF editing, Microsoft productivity solutions, collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams and document management systems.

Partnering with the Best of the Best

Our business is technology and making sure our clients have the right tools to fit their needs. That’s why we partner with the top technology companies the industry has to offer. We have the knowledge and the expertise to work with our clients to ensure that they use what is best suited for the culture and workflow of their firm. And then we offer world-class training and support services to optimize the use of that that technology. Our goal is for our clients to not only have the right technology in place, but to also know how to effectively utilize it to accomplish their goals.

Training Options

The experts at Keno Kozie work with firms in the format that functions best for the organization. Whether that means training in a traditional classroom setting, through recorded, live or on-demand online training or in an interactive hands-on environment, the Keno Kozie team has done it all. While in-person training may be on hold for a bit longer, our team is still available to support clients and ensure the best instruction is available by whatever means to fit the needs of today.

If you are looking for a partner for your technology and training needs, contact Keno Kozie today to learn more about how we can work together.



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