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Law firms require a tremendous amount of technology to operate efficiently, especially when staff is working remotely. Firms of all sizes leverage tools from various providers and must implement them with function and security in mind. From tool selection to implementation design, end-user training and deployment and eventually the ongoing maintenance and management, law firms frequently turn to outside vendors for support.

Frequently this means working with multiple companies on a single project. This requires that management and coordination must be completed by internal resources. Firms need to stay current, especially now when security is more important than ever; but how do they manage all the pieces of this puzzle?

It’s simple: Find a single expert that will provide design, project management, deployment, training and ongoing end-user and system support. One expert for everything! One organization that will handle all your IT needs, implementations, training and ongoing support.

At Keno Kozie, we support our clients’ entire IT environment – from design to deployment and training and all the way to ongoing support and maintenance. Our training and engineering teams assist with the planning, selection and deployment phases of the product life cycle. Our 24/7/365 help desk and managed services teams provide continuous support to users and the network envrionment.

The best part…

We partner with the best technology groups in the industry so you don’t have to research and manage all of these relationships. We have direct access to the best technology for your firm’s needs in everything from document management system integrations, cloud infrastructure-as-a-service migrations and software-as-a-service migrations to messaging upgrades and networking and security needs. We take care of keeping your business running, even during uncertain times.

So while you may think you need to do it all yourself, you don’t. When you work with Keno Kozie, we have experts on staff that will help you with all your needs, and our partnerships with the best technology companies in the industry mean you don’t have to research and manage all of these relationships on your own.

While we work through this unique time in history, make sure that your data and your clients’ data is secure and that your firm has the technology it needs to keep your business running.

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