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Managed IT Services Provider for the Legal Services Industry Announces New Journey as “K2 Services”

By February 1, 2023August 2nd, 2023No Comments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 1st, 2023 – Post its formal separation, the legacy HBR Consulting’s IT, Managed Services, and Keno Kozie business is pleased to announce a relaunch, complete with a new name and renewed focus on providing the legal industry with a partner in holistic managed IT services with unrivaled scale, capability, and vertical market expertise. 

The new entity, K2 Services, is going to market with the singular mission of helping guide and carry law firms through a rapidly changing landscape of challenges, shifting operating models, and technology change. 

K2 Services provides law firms with an innovative support model for managing mission-critical IT infrastructure and support, giving time and budget back to the firm so their resources can focus on the practice of law and strategic initiatives that can help them compete and succeed in a changing legal services market. 

“The name, K2 Services, evokes the image of the world’s second largest and most difficult mountain to climb,” says Nicholas Quil, CEO of K2 Services. “It represents the massive challenges faced by law firms who sit at an inflection point in their differentiated growth journey, as well as K2’s mission to both guide and empower firms to rise to the occasion and reach their unique, full potential.”

K2 Services is immediately positioned as the leading partner in the IT services market for law firms that are ready to start making their pivot to becoming the next generation of technology-enabled firms. K2 Services’ investments include legal vertical partnership with the ServiceNow platform as well as recently opened offices in Detroit and Manila, with total employees approaching 600 globally.

“In the next evolution of the legal industry, we believe the greatest business opportunities for law firms will be found when they successfully differentiate their practices in the eyes of their clients and prospective legal talent,” said Christopher Petrini‑Poli​​, Executive Chairman, K2 Services. “One proven strategy for achieving this differentiation is to increase the investment of firm resources on strengthening the Middle Office and partner with providers at scale to deliver non-core business functions that can be provided more efficiently by expert service providers.”

By delivering critical IT management and support functions to the market, our clients can focus their resources on building the enabling enterprise capabilities of the Middle Office that will serve as a platform for their differentiated growth. 

Leading K2 Services to market is an experienced and capable team of IT professionals with deep expertise in the legal services industry. They include:

  • Service Desk: Darryl Hair 
  • Technology Services: Peter Cotseones 
  • Product and Procurement Services: David Cram 
  • Client Engagement and Application Management: Sue Keno 
  • Operations: 
    • Andrew Dober 
    • Axelle Flemming 
    • David Pardun 

This team will work under the executive leadership of Christopher Petrini Poli and Nicholas Quil.

Law firm leaders that want to learn more about K2 Services or their vision for the future of IT in the legal services industry can contact Sue Keno or visit

Media inquiries can be directed toward Sue Keno.

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