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Claire Mosshamer
Director of Process and Quality Control

How long have you worked at Keno Kozie?

19.4 years, or 7,098 days.

What different positions have you held at Keno Kozie?

I began as the only engineering coordinator and expanded the role to start the Managed Services Practice in 2008. In 2010 I began to focus solely on the Managed Services Practice and became the senior manager of Managed Services. I have also just assumed the role of the Cloud Services Manager of our Microsoft Services group.

What is your current position at Keno Kozie?

In 2018 I became the Director of Managed Services, and in 2019 I became the Director of Process and Quality Control in the merged Managed Infrastructure department.

What does a normal day at Keno Kozie look like for you?

There isn’t necessarily a normal day for me. Sometimes my day evolves around the needs of our clients, and anything I had planned goes out the window! I regularly meet with the Managed Services clients to check in and see how things are going. Sometimes I coordinate the response to a client request between our departments. This involves touching base between all the involved groups and leading internal and client-facing meetings. I’m part of several teams charged with growing and enhancing Keno Kozie’s tools and services. And then there is writing – lots of writing. I am charged with expanding and improving our standards and procedures, and I’m always on the lookout for something that needs a tuneup.

What is the name of the organization you work most closely with outside of Keno Kozie? What does the organization do? What is your role/involvement within the organization?

I’m a troop leader, service unit volunteer and area council delegate for Girl Scouts in the Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana region. I’ve been the leader of our troop for six years, watching the girls go from elementary to high school. I am also heavily involved in the organization of events for local Girl Scout troops of all ages. I’m on the leadership team of our outdoor event group. We run an annual Camporee weekend where the older girls lead a program that teaches the younger girls about camping and other outdoor pursuits. We also run a junior version of Camporee – a girl-led afternoon of outdoor activities for the youngest group of girls. I have been recognized both locally and councilwide for my volunteer efforts. I’ve met some wonderful, committed women during my time with the Girl Scouts, but most of all I love hanging with our troop – camping in all seasons, performing service projects and watching movies in the dark!

Why is the work of this organization important?

Girl Scouts is one of the best organizations for instilling confidence and adventure in girls today. They learn outdoor skills such as lighting a fire in a storm. They learn financial skills by selling thousands and thousands of cookies and then deciding what to do with the money. They have designed and run service projects, like rehabbing a child care room in a local shelter. They also develop leadership skills by teaching the younger girls what they’ve learned. The most important aspect of Girl Scouts is friendship. Girl Scouts provides the girls with a little time out of the busy world we live in to focus on what they really enjoy about life. It’s a chance for them to recharge their batteries without the fear of being judged and to figure out what they think and discuss the important things in their life and the world around us.

How does your work with this organization affect/help your work at Keno Kozie?

Working with the Girl Scouts keeps me grounded and gives me some perspective. There is something about worrying about how to feed and entertain 300 girls in the rain that shows me that I can work through most of the challenges Keno Kozie throws my way.

How does your work at Keno Kozie affect/help your work at the organization?

While I may have been pretty good at multitasking when I arrived at Keno Kozie, 19 years later I’ve really upped my game! Girl Scouts gives me a whole new world to help coordinate and keep on track. Multitasking is a very useful skill when trying to handle 300 girls in or out of the pouring rain!

What is something you wish Keno Kozie understood about the work of this organization?

Cookies aside – which K2 supports wholeheartedly! – it would be wonderful to transfer some of the girl/woman-focused learning into the workplace. I’ve been really excited to see women taking advantage of more opportunities at Keno Kozie. I would love to participate in a support group to foster mentorship among our growing ranks.

Are there any events/shows coming up our employees could attend? When? Where?

Yes! We can always use volunteers at our events. And this year Girl Scouts has launched a series of Cyber badges. It would be fun to explore some kind of event to help the girls learn more about technology.

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