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Technical Trainer

How long have you worked at Keno Kozie?

Three years!

What different positions have you held at Keno Kozie?

I began as a Help Desk Analyst before moving on to Quality Control and Training roles.

What is your current position at Keno Kozie?

I am now one of Keno Kozie Associates’ Technical Trainers.

What does a normal day at Keno Kozie look like for you?

A big portion of my role at Keno Kozie is being the first face new hires get to see when beginning their journey at the company. I love training our new hires because seeing everyone grow from their first day is the best gratification to me. Not only do I work with the new hires, but also assist with client training and analyst assistance.

What is the name of the organization you work most closely with outside of Keno Kozie? What does the organization do? What is your role/involvement within the organization?

I work for the National Hockey League, but specifically I work almost every Blackhawks home game – and my role is called arena technical coordinator. Every game I work with a few other ATCs to ensure all the cameras are set up and operating properly. I set the blue line, in-net and overhead cameras up as well as the iPads the coaches use during the game to track stats. During the game I am ready to run on the ice – or walk very slowly – to troubleshoot a camera issue or any other technical problem.

Why is the work of this organization important?

Working for the NHL showed me the amount of effort that goes into each and every game. Watching the fans cheer the team on is such a great feeling and knowing that I play a small part of that is a great satisfaction.

How does your work with this organization affect/help your work at Keno Kozie?

Time management has a huge role while setting up prior to every game as well as after. If the ATC team messes one thing up, it can lead to a camera feed not being available for live TV. Learning the role for the NHL has made time management at Keno Kozie a lot easier.

How does your work at Keno Kozie affect/help your work at the organization?

A lot of the IT knowledge and terminology I have gathered from working at Keno Kozie has helped at the NHL ATC position because we deal with a lot of physical troubleshooting we don’t get to do at Keno Kozie. There is a lot of work that goes into each game, and it takes a lot of people working together to make everything function flawlessly. It is similar in that way to the work we do at Keno Kozie – we have great people with expertise in different areas, and we all work together to bring the best solutions to our customers.

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