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Email Signature Management: The Time Impact on the IT Department

By February 22, 2021March 23rd, 2021No Comments

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IT teams are familiar with the pain of email signature updates. This might seem like a trivial issue when you consider the other challenges surrounding remote working. However, upon closer inspection, the subject of email signature management can become a thorny one for any IT administrator.

One of the major issues that come from managing email signatures is that the task takes too long, an IT team simply has other more important tasks to be dealing with. Email signature updates are often time consuming and tedious but become even more so when you have remote workers.

It is not best practice to let everyone design and control their own signature designs, so the IT department needs to police the templates that everyone uses.

The most common issues:

  • Images getting stripped out by certain email clients
  • Not being able to test signature templates before they go live
  • Signatures stacking at the bottom of email conversations
  • Complex rules needing to be created so signatures are applied correctly
  • HTML signatures not being possible on mobile devices
  • Blank spaces appearing in some users’ contact details

The Inconsistent Branding Factor

Every person will interpret your brand in different ways, one person might decide they don’t want to use the standard template while another might make their own. Email signatures represent your brand, this is even more important when remote working practices are in place.

If users can control their email signatures, they become unmanageable for IT. As a rule, most companies never allow this to happen. However, it becomes even more difficult to manage email signatures when dealing with a remote workforce. That’s why many companies decide to use third-party email signature management solutions from vendors like Exclaimer.

Exclaimer Email Signature Solutions: Perfect for Remote Users

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When mentioning solutions specifically designed for email signature management you can encounter interesting responses. A lot of IT professionals are often unaware such products exist. Even if they do, they might not see the value in using it within their company.

But if too much time is spent on tireless email signature updates, a third-party solution to control these becomes very attractive. After all, companies use different third-party products and services to automate simple and complex processes. Why should investing in an email signature management solution be any different?

The major benefits include:

  • Delivering your brand consistently every time
  • Centrally managing email signatures wherever you are
  • Providing important updates to customers and employees quickly
  • Giving the marketing department control over email signature updates; IT can work on keeping infrastructure running
  • Applying updates quickly and in real time
  • Significantly reducing strain and dependency on IT resources
  • Removing inconvenience, inconsistency, lack of flexibility, loss of credibility, and human error

A New Marketing Channel

Once the COVID-19 pandemic started, many marketing departments had their budgets cut. At the same time, companies were still communicating via email, if not more so. Email, as always, continued to be the dominant corporate communications channel. That’s why it makes sense to apply a display banner to any email signature template.

Email signatures are:

  • Low-cost compared to other marketing channels
  • Highly targeted as you often know who is going to see your banners
  • Consistently displayed in any email sent by your company
  • A valuable source of content, white papers, videos, press releases, etc.
  • Trusted and business relevant


With more people than ever working remotely every day, the business landscape has seen the most fundamental change in decades. Remote working for traditional office employees is now the new “normal” and will continue to be in the future. However, this means IT departments will be expected to shoulder more responsibilities to allow employees to work remotely from home environments while continuing to deal with well-known issues surrounding email signature management.

Email signature management solutions are designed to relieve pressure on IT teams by having the ability to centrally control email signatures, IT can ensure brand consistency and compliance on all corporate emails. Marketing teams can then use signatures to engage with internal and external stakeholders. This is why so many IT and marketing professionals trust Exclaimer to design and centrally manage professional email signatures for all users.

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