Darryl Hair

Managing Director, Service Desk

Darryl serves as managing director of K2 Service’s service desk and provides leadership, strategic guidance, and management direction to the service desk business and its clients. He develops plans for current and long-term operational needs and is attuned to trends, changes, and best practices in the legal and professional services industries.

Darryl brings over 25 years of experience leading operations, administration, finance, strategy, and information technology from several of the world’s largest and most prestigious law firms. As a catalyst for change, he brings economic growth through transformation, process re-engineering, and operational improvements.

Darryl has a degree in business from the University of Colorado, Boulder and an MBA from Columbia University.

Darryl is a veteran and was awarded three Navy Air Medals during air combat in Operation Desert Storm. Darryl and his wife Amy have two sons who love traveling the US and Canada to play hockey.

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