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The novel coronavirus and the effect it is having on the behavior of people and businesses are all over the news. The situation is escalating quickly, and to those of us involved in the management of an organization, planning and preparation leave little room for anything else on our plates these days. Regardless, while focusing on our business obligations we also have to balance our personal responsibilities. As announced cases of the virus increase, our personal fears and concerns will also grow. Those on our teams and within our organizations are no different – the more that we can do to reduce work-related stressors will help everyone involved.  

Every day we hear of an additional company that has joined the ranks of Microsoft, Twitter, Google, Facebook and Amazon in telling its employees to work remotely. We are also hearing of more and more law firms that have taken this step. Tech companies, due to the nature of their business, often have the needed infrastructure already in place to manage remote workers. What about law firms? How many are prepared to support a fully remote workforce? How many have planned for, budgeted for and trained their users for an unknown natural disaster, pandemic or other situation that might arise and would warrant this alternate work strategy?

Read the full article that was published on Law Technology Today’s website by Keno Kozie’s Eli Nussbaum.

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