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Business Continuity Preparedness – Client Notice

By March 3, 2020May 18th, 2020No Comments

Keno Kozie has been focused on our Security Posture, Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans over the last several years and months.  One of the outcomes is the recently completed SOC2 Certification and Audit report completed by our Independent Auditor. This report is intended to provide reasonable assurance that Keno Kozie’s ability to meet service commitments and system requirements. As a part of meeting those requirements the Company has a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Policy, copy’s attached, which the Company reviews and tests periodically.

Given the recent headlines and concerns associated with the COVID-19 virus fears, we want to provide some assurance to our clients.

  • We are able to quickly migrate our staff to fully deliver all our services remotely within 24 hour of a declaration of a remote requirement.
  • We have full system and geographic redundancy.
  • Our network infrastructure has the capacity to support a 100% remote workforce.
  • Our business units have begun a review process of all our customers in order to update any and all relevant information that may be necessary should our customers decide to close their offices and send their staff to work from home (i.e. documentation around work from home, multi-factor devices, escalation procedures, etc.).
  • While we do not anticipate a significant or long lasting increase to volume at our support center, we are proactively updating employee schedules in order to meet our customers’ support needs.

We have a couple of recommendation for our clients to consider to help them be prepared for disruptions in the near term:

  • We are recommending reviewing equipment and hardware needs and placing orders ahead of schedule (if necessary) in order to negate any impact of delays in shipping and production.
  • Stress testing your core systems to ensure capacity should a fully remote workforce be required is also a good idea.

As a partner of yours, Keno Kozie is available to help answer or assist with any questions or concerns you or your organization may have regarding preparedness for such an event. Please do not hesitate in reaching out to your account or operational manager with anything you may need.

A copy of this statement is available for download:

For additional information regarding the COVID-19 virus and remote working preparedness, check out our COVID-19 Resource Page.

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